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Revamps to increase your home's value

If you’re thinking about selling, you can easily increase the value of your home by giving it a revamp. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. Simply focusing on the areas that need small touch ups can be much more cost effective, and leaves buyers with the flexibility to style or renovate the way they’d like.

Here are some tips to help you understand how to renovate for profit:

Compare similar properties in your area

Take a look at nearby properties for sale that could be considered competition. A buyer’s final decision could come down to a competing property with a brand new kitchen or painted facade. Also, by looking at properties that have recently sold, you can discover common features that are helping these properties sell for a higher price.

Pick the right spaces to touch up

If you’re in a newer property, you might only need to do update a couple of features to prepare for selling. However, if you’re in a property that needs a little bit more work, here are some common renovation ideas you can consider:

1. Exterior – Updating the front door and keeping your landscaping neat as these are the focal point of a home's visual appeal.  Putting a fresh coat of sealant on your driveway isn't a bad idea either.

2. Kitchen – Install a new sink, benches, cupboard or cabinet doors and handles. Upgraded appliances can make the space feel much more finished and expensive as well and they involve almost no construction but will change the functionality 100-fold.


3. Bathrooms – Modernize the sink, cabinetry and shower.

4. Painting – Use neutral, light tones to make space appear larger.


5. Floors – Sand and polish floorboards or install new carpeting or tiling.

Don’t over-capitalize

The biggest risk in renovating prior to selling is over-capitalizing. Of course, it’s possible to make a large profit as a result of extensive renovations. But remember, many buyers will look at the basic structure of your property, not added features that reflect your personal style.

For example, you don’t want to set yourself back tens of thousands of dollars by painting the walls in bright colors that the new owners end up painting over, or installing extravagant carpet that buyers don’t find attractive. It’s a good idea to stay simple and fresh when renovating for profit.

What’s next?

The best place to start is talking to a local real estate agent, who’ll know what buyers in your local area are looking for in a property. A good agent will be able to give you an accurate property appraisal, and estimate the likely profit you’ll make on your renovation. 

As Maine real estate specialists, we have an insider’s view of why some properties have sold for more than others, and what’s driving those sales so feel free to contact us with no obligation for your home value market analysis.  Whether you are looking at renovating to increase your properties value or to sell your home as is, we can answer your questions and guide you on how to get the most value for your home. 

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