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Spring is just around the corner and you'll want to get the spring cleaning out of the way now so you can enjoy the warmer temperatures when they arrive.    Here's a checklist to keep you on track and give Spring 2018 the welcome it deserves:

1. Clean windows inside and out.  Use a rag and soapy water and then dry them with another clean/dry rag.  Clean screens with a scrap of carpeting.  It makes a powerful brush that removes all the dirt.


photo by Kenneth Chen

2.  Revive the drab drapes.  Remove hanging hooks from the drapes and run them through an air-fluff cycle in the dryer with a damp towel (to attract the dust) for 15 minutes.  Re-hang immediately to avoid wrinkles.  Wipe blinds with a damp cloth.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

3.  Dust your home thoroughly.  Take everything off shelves, tabletops, and dressers to dust.  Now is also the time to get all the places you've been neglecting throughout the year, including ceiling fans, above kitchen cabinets, and baseboards and doorways.  (Dusting hack - use a dryer sheet to dust baseboards, it's anti-static will repel dust for months.)

photo by Getty

4.  Move furniture away from walls and clean underneath. 

photo by Jules

5.  Deep clean your flooring.  Shampoo any carpeting (or have carpeting professionally cleaned).  Wax wooden flooring.  

photo courtesy of Pinterest

6.  Clean Furniture.  Vacuum pillows, as well as underneath cushions.  Spot clean any stains on upholstered furniture according to the care label and wipe down leather with leather cleaner and/or leather conditioner.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

7.  Deep clean your kitchen.  Clean inside the refrigerator using warm water and dish soap.  Baking soda works well on any tough spots.  Set your oven to self-clean.   Wipe down all surface areas. including cabinets, countertops, sink, and stove.   

photo by Shutterstock/Audrey_Popov

8.   Deep clean the bathroom.  Spray a generous amount of bathroom spray or pine cleaner on the shower and bathroom walls.  Allow cleaner to stand while disinfecting other areas of the bathroom such as the toilet and sink.  Wipe down light fixtures.  Then go back and start scrubbing.  To remove hard-water scale or mildew on showerheads, faucets, and drains, soak them in vinegar or wrap in a vinegar soaked paper towel.  (Mr. Clean magic erasers work like magic on those tough soap scum areas in the bathtub!!)

photo courtesy of Wayfair

9.   Launder your bedding and pillows.  Vacuum your mattress and rotate it (yes, I said vacuum...it will minimize dust, dander and dust mites).  Clean all bedding.  If you change bedding for the season, air out the spring blankets before putting them on the bed.  Store winter bedding after having it cleaned.  Don't forget to clean the floor/carpet underneath your bed as well.

photo by Shutterstock/Mintimages

10.  Switch out your clothing.  Be sure to wash or dry-clean winter clothing before storing. 

photo courtesy of  Pinterest


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