Everything you need to know about buying a home in June.
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Setting the Stage.

Carolyn lives and works in Portland, Maine with her loyal pup, Harris. She’s been renting a one bedroom apartment for the past year or so and now she’s beginning to thinking about her next steps. Perhaps it’s time for her to look for something she can call her own. A place with more private space and a yard so Harris can run around more...

“I wasn’t intending to buy until I had saved up enough for a downpayment. However, with interest rates so low and my apartment rent increasing, it made sense to dip into my retirement funds for the downpayment.” 

She reached out to a friend who recommended The Matt & Gena Team With Signature Homes.

“When I met Gena in person. She was so friendly and informative, I knew she was somebody I could work with.“

What stood out about the process?

Just the fact that everybody on Gena’s team and everybody she recommended for me to work with Including the inspector, mortgage company and title company, were super responsive and accommodating.

Gena was excellent in explaining the home buying process during our first phone call, and then going into detail of each step when we were approaching it. Her knowledge and willingness to answer all of my questions helped to put me at ease and to know what to expect.


It was my first time buying a home. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It was my first time buying a home on my own, so the entire process was unknown to me and therefore a little nervewracking. However, Gena and Kelley were both so informative and helpful in guiding me through each step. I was a bit stressed when we were negotiating outcomes of the inspection and the appraisal with the buyer. Gena gave great advice and kept me up to speed every step of the way, which helped a lot.

The timeline surprised me

I was surprised that we got it done so quickly. I was working against a deadline for when my lease ended, and we closed over 2 weeks before I had to move out! When I settled on the house that I really wanted, Gena and I discussed the offer itself and what ballpark she thought it should be in to get accepted. The Portland market is hot and homes go way over asking and are on the market for less than a week before an offer is accepted. Then, she helped me by making my offer as attractive as possible (writing a letter to the buyer, using a local lender, etc…)

Carolyn's advice to others

Go with Gena and team – they know their stuff! Everybody on their team and the 3rd party companies they work with were very helpful and responsive. Not to mention Gena’s Wealth of market knowledge and buying process knowledge.

"Gena was excellent in explaining the home buying process... Her knowledge and willingness to answer all of my questions helped to put me at ease and to know what to expect."

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